cookies galore!


so in my last post i mentioned cookies yet did not follow up with a single recipe (i thought the sticky buns were enough to induce a sufficient sugar coma). but as promised, this post is purely dedicated to COOKIES! 

maybe it’s because they appeal to the childhood hearts of old and young but cookies are my go-to baking treats. they’re easy to put together, easy to eat, and simply indulgent to a fault!  as a little girl, i loved helping to bake cookies with my mom as it is so friendly for little hands– ok, enough gushing let’s get to the good stuff!

Above are the basic Peanut Butter Blossoms with a twist.  We ran out of Hershey kisses so instead substituted with CRUNCH bells and mini marshmallows + Hershey’s chocolate (kinda like a jazzy smores cookie!)  definitely an upgrade for the holidays.


for my brother’s 5th grade teacher and our neighbor, i decided to bake two recipes i’ve been dying to try: Martha Stewart’s Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti and Alton Brown’s Paradise Macaroons.  then to top it all off we (my brother and i) made his favorite Linzer Cookies for his whole class. too many cookies? never.

sadly there are NO pictures (i know, i’m kicking myself in the tuckus for that laziness) i promise they were all delicious– quality recipes that produced perfect holiday cookies.

on another cookie note, last night was our annual GINGERBREAD house night!

post on that to come. promise!


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